Klamboe Collection believes that a mosquito net is the most effective

Klamboe Collection is a distributor of high quality Mosquito Net or Klamboe models in various sizes shapes and materials such as polyester and the more exclusive cotton and bamboo.

Circular mosquito nets can be mounted on a single point on the ceiling over the bed and are ideal for queen to king size bed frames where the width of the beds range from 160 to 240 cm / 65 to 95 inches). The ‘Classic Royale’ for instance, is properly finished, with sheeting borders along with the overlapping opening, along with a 2-inch wide stripe round the bottom of the net.

The Klamboe Classic is identical to the ‘Classic Royale’, however it features a flat top and is also manufactured as the Majestic mosquito net which is a larger model including extended pockets for bamboo bedding slats. This Klamboe is suited for queen as well as king size beds with beds ranging from 160 to 240 cm/ 65 to 95 inches in width.

There is also a circular mosquito net for kids which is is suitable for baby cribs and cots, or perhaps a single bed. It provides one opening, which includes a cover. This infant mosquito net model is also available in cotton and bamboo fabric and can be attached to a single point to the ceiling.


To complete our circular mosquito net collection the Klamboe ‘Majestic’ supplies a lot of added space underneath the mosquito net. The size of the bamboo frame is 65 inches (160cm). This king size mosquito net has been properly finished with sheeting borders across the openings as well as beneath. The top (like the long pockets for the bamboo slats) is composed entirely of reinforced cotton fabric. The Klamboe ‘Majestic’ is suitable for queen size along with king size beds that are 160 to 240 cm/ 65 to 95 inches in width.


All of the Klamboe models can be hung with a wonderfully designed  mosquito net standard which is perfect to suspend the net  in case you don’t want to or perhaps cannot connect the mosquito net using a string from the ceiling.



The Klamboe Standard height is adjustable. The standard consists from 4 loose parts, which can be easily put together. The standard comes in two versions a straight top is suitable for larger mosquito nets, such as the ‘Classic’, ‘Classic Royale’ and ‘Majestic’.



The standard with a curl top would work for a smaller mosquito net, including ‘Miguelito’ and also the ‘Regular Royale’.


For people who prefer more space underneath their beds, Klamboe Collection offers rectangular-shaped mosquito nets that may be connected to the ceiling/walls along with strings (as well as curtain-rails) and are additionally well suited for mattresses with a framework. Rectangular Klamboe nets provide a lot of space beneath the net and tend to be additionally very ideal for rooms with low ceilings. The nets are incredibly superbly finished with sheeting borders along the openings and the base of the net. The rectangular mosquito nets have 2 roomy overlapping openings in the length-sides (6′ feet/ 220cm) of the net.


The rectangular Klamboe models are also available in 100% Cotton and Bamboo and are  really easy to hang up using strings upon the ceiling and/or wall. This Klamboe features a wide overlapping entrance on both edges, lengthwise, to get directly into bed from any kind of side.


For traveling there are a couple of mosquito nets that can also end up being attached to a single point upon the ceiling and are ideal for single and also queen size mattresses. The travel mosquito nets offer one overlapping opening and it is a lightweight edition of the mosquito net ‘Regular Royale’. The mosquito net ‘Compact Travel’ can also be available impregnated using permethrine which is used to exterminate bugs.



In case you need a self standing mosquito net that is easy to set up while you are on vacation the  Klamboe ‘IGLO’ fits the bill. This framed Mosquito Net doesn’t need to end up being hung, and can be positioned very easily upon the bed or floor. The mosquito net ‘IGLO’ may end up being put together quickly simply by sliding tubes with each other, thus, may be used anyplace immediately for instance when you are traveling. The IGLO model is available in a single and double version.

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